SSR 170 UTV Problems And Their Solutions

As UTV enthusiasts, we all know that hitting the trails can come with its fair share of common problems.

Whether it’s unexpected mechanical issues, handling challenges, or maintenance concerns, it’s essential to be prepared for whatever the offroad terrain throws your way. In this blog,

we’ll delve into the common problems faced by SSR 170 UTV owners and explore effective solutions to keep you riding smoothly. So, buckle up and get ready to conquer the offroad with confidence!


8 Common SSR 170 UTV Problems And Their Solutions

Common problems that SSR 170 UTV owners often face and provide effective solutions to help you get back on the road (or off-road) in no time. Here are some common problems of  SSR 170 UTV owners come across.

1. Engine Starting Problem

SSR 170 UTV owners may face starting problems characterized by a won’t start situation. Common issues include difficulties with the crankshaft, starter motor, and particularly, a Faulty Spark Plug, disrupting the ignition process and hindering engine combustion.

Fix: Address SSR 170 UTV starting problems by inspecting and replacing Faulty Spark Plugs for a reliable ignition.

Simultaneously, conduct a thorough examination of the crankshaft and starter motor, checking for mechanical or electrical issues that may impede the cranking process.

Regular maintenance, including spark plug checks, is crucial for preventing starting issues and maintaining optimal UTV performance.

2. Fuel System Issues

SSR 170 UTVs may encounter fuel system issues that can impact their overall performance. One common problem is Clogged Fuel Lines, often caused by dirt and debris entering the system.

This obstruction can hinder the smooth flow of fuel to the engine, leading to issues such as poor acceleration, stalling, or engine misfires.

Dirty Fuel Filters are another culprit, as they can impede the filtration of contaminants, causing fuel delivery problems and affecting engine efficiency.

Fuel Pump Problems, such as a malfunctioning pump or a clogged vacuum hose, can result in insufficient fuel reaching the engine, causing the UTV to sputter, die, or exhibit irregular sounds.

Fix: To address fuel system issues in the SSR 170 UTV, a systematic approach is crucial. Begin by inspecting and unclogging any Clogged Fuel Lines, ensuring a clear path for fuel flow.

Replace Dirty Fuel Filters regularly to maintain proper filtration and prevent fuel delivery problems.

In cases of Fuel Pump Problems, inspect the pump for malfunctions and check for clogged vacuum hoses. Replace a malfunctioning pump or clear any obstructions in the vacuum hose to ensure adequate fuel delivery.

Additionally, regularly check and replace Clogged Air Filters to allow enough air into the engine, preventing fuel mixture issues.

3. Gas Leaking Problems

Gas leaks in the SSR 170 UTV, signaled by a gasoline smell, often arise from damage to the fuel system, including exhaust leaks or compromised fuel lines.

Such issues not only result in fuel wastage but also pose safety risks. Promptly fix damaged components, tighten connections, and monitor fuel system pressure to ensure safety and prevent gas leaks.

Fix: To address gas leaking problems, inspect the entire fuel system for damage, paying attention to components affected by exhaust leaks.

Promptly change any parts showing wear or damage, and ensure that all connections are properly tightened.

Regularly monitor for the smell of gasoline and address any signs of leakage immediately. Maintaining the proper pressure in the fuel system is essential for preventing leaks and ensuring the SSR 170 UTV’s safe and reliable operation.

4. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems in the SSR 170 UTV, including electric start issues, often stem from Faulty Wiring, blown fuses, and various types of electrical component failures.

These issues can disrupt power supply and lead to malfunctions in different vehicle systems, affecting overall performance.

Fix: To address electrical problems, inspect and repair Faulty Wiring for a reliable power supply. Replace blown fuses with the correct rating to restore functionality.

Conduct a thorough diagnosis to identify and promptly replace any failed electrical components, ensuring the SSR 170 UTV’s dependable performance.

Regular checks and preventive maintenance are essential for early detection and resolution of potential electrical issues.

5. Dead Battery

A common challenge faced by SSR 170 UTV owners is a Dead Battery, causing difficulties in starting the vehicle.

This issue can arise due to numerous factors, including extended periods of inactivity or extreme temperatures.

The Dead Battery problem often requires immediate attention to prevent disruptions in the SSR 170 UTV’s operation.

Fix: To remedy the Dead Battery issue, begin by checking the battery for charge and ensuring secure connections.

Recharge or replace the Dead Battery with a fully charged one to restore the necessary power for starting.

Additionally, inspect the starter motor and solenoid for any potential issues that may have contributed to the battery’s depletion.

6. Overheating Problems

SSR 170 UTV owners may face significant overheating challenges, often caused by a Broken Cooling System from wear or damage.

Low Coolant Levels, radiator leaks, and blockages can compound the problem, along with a malfunctioning thermostat and potential issues in compression ratios or the intake system, leading to excessive engine heat.

Fix: To remedy SSR 170 UTV overheating, inspect and repair the Broken Cooling System components. Address a Low Coolant Level by ensuring proper radiator fluid levels.

Resolve radiator issues promptly, fixing leaks and removing blockages. Replace a malfunctioning thermostat to regulate coolant flow and correct any compression or intake system issues contributing to excessive heat.

These targeted fixes are essential for maintaining optimal SSR 170 UTV temperature regulation.

7.  Muffler Problems

Muffler problems in SSR 170 UTVs, often from off-road use or accidents, can impact performance.

Misaligned or damaged mufflers disrupt exhaust gas flow, affecting engine efficiency. Wear, rust, or holes in the muffler may cause increased exhaust noise, reduced engine power, and potential emissions compliance issues.

To keep the SSR 170 UTV operating in accord with the desired performance range, addressing these muffler problems is crucial.

Fix: To resolve muffler issues, adjust or place misaligned mufflers carefully. Turn the machine on and off to test for abnormalities.

If wear is significant, consider replacing the muffler with a suitable model. Patch rust or holes as needed, but extensive damage may require replacement.

Regular testing and proactive measures ensure the SSR 170 UTV’s optimal performance, especially in varied off-road conditions.

8. Worn Out Drivetrain Components

Worn-out drivetrain components in SSR 170 UTVs, such as CV joints and axles, can hinder performance.

Extensive off-road use or exposure to harsh conditions may cause cracks or wear, impacting power transmission and leading to issues like abnormal noises, vibrations, or oil leaks.

Fix: To remedy worn-out drivetrain components, inspect for wear, cracks, or damage in CV joints and axles.

Replace them with manufacturer-recommended components, ensuring the correct size and type for optimal performance.

Tighten any loose screws or bolts, and promptly address oil leaks to prevent further damage. Timely attention is crucial to maintain the SSR 170 UTV’s drivetrain efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

How fast does an SSR 170 go?

The SSR 170 UTV has a top speed of approximately 30-35 miles per hour (48-56 kilometers per hour).

The SSR 170 UTV is two-stroke or four-stroke?

The SSR 170 UTV is typically powered by a four-stroke engine.

Pros and Cons of The SSR 170 UTV


  • Affordable: The SSR 170 UTV is often priced competitively in the market.
  • Off-Road Capabilities: Designed for off-road use, suitable for various terrains.
  • Reliability: Known for reliable performance in off-road conditions.
  • Easy to Operate: User-friendly design, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.
  • Suitable for Beginners: Often considered a good option for entry-level riders.


  • Limited Speed: The top speed may be considered moderate compared to some other UTV models.
  • Basic Features: This may lack some advanced features found in higher-end UTVs.
  • Durability: Depending on use, there may be concerns about long-term durability.
  • Limited Seating: Typically designed for two passengers, limiting capacity.
  • Aftermarket Support: Availability of aftermarket parts and accessories may vary.


Resolving SSR 170 UTV issues requires a methodical approach. From tackling Dead Batteries and Faulty Wiring for electrical concerns to addressing fuel system problems like Clogged Fuel Lines and Dirty Fuel Filters, a vigilant eye on the fuel-air mix is crucial.

Overheating issues demand attention to the Broken Cooling System and Low Coolant Level. Worn Out Drivetrain Components necessitate recommended replacements per manufacturer guidelines.

Muffler problems call for precise adjustments and model-specific replacements. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations, maintaining a flexible approach, and regular inspections ensure the SSR 170 UTV runs optimally, regardless of the weight, terrain, or carburetor mix it encounters in off-road conditions.

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